We are proud to introduce the BMKF Alumnae list. These bright young women are doing extraordinary things in their country and communities post-graduation. In addition, a few of them are volunteering as Mentors to the Namaste Children’s Fund (NCF) older students at their hostel in Kathmandu, helping to guide them through their education and career goals.

Gratitude to every single donor, volunteer, and friend of the foundation that helped turn these women’s dreams into a reality. While the foundation has closed its scholarship program, BMKF’s legacy will continue on as these determined women manifest their careers and create ripples of change in Nepal for decades to come.

Alumni of 2022
Jenuka Dhodari
Mass Media & Journalism (2022)

Alumni of 2021
Beenita Devkota
Law (2021)

"The meaningful thing we can do in life is by serving people with what we have achieved. The scholarship opportunity given by BMKF is a subject of great privilege for us. Because of this education support, today we are being able to empower ourselves and are being able to compete in the areas where only men had the privilege. "

photo credit: Gloria Posada 
Nimiska Pandey
Law (2021)

"Our nation is flooded with issues and problems. I strongly believe in facing and solving these problems rather than cursing the entire system for not being what we expect it to be. To make something possible, we need to have faith in people and, most important. in ourselves. I like challenges. I plan on fighting for justice."

photo credit: Gloria Posada 
Saniya Giri
Law (2021)

"I joined law after much analysis. I’ve finally found the area in which I love to work, and I’ve stuck to my plan to study hard and score well. I want to make my mother proud of me, and I want to be proud of myself as well.”

photo credit: Gloria Posada 
Susmina Manandhar
Geomatics Engineering (2021)

"There is a person behind someone's success but I have a whole family behind it. BMKF is a boon to my life. They have boosted my strength when I was totally helpless. I would be the happiest person to see myself graduate as an engineer because it will include every single person's faith and hopes . - Lots of love and respect to every member in our family."

Alumni of 2020
photo credit: Ellyn Norris 
Anisha Gautam
Law (2020)

"BMKF has opened the path to chase my ambition. And I believe that with their support I can certainly pursue my dreams."

Alumni of 2019

photo credit: Kristen Giles 
Chadani Shrestha
Business Studies (2019)

"When we do some research, we may find female entrepreneurs among the world, but we cannot find any well recognized businesswomen in Nepal... I want to challenge men in business and support society and women to move forward in this competitive world."

photo credit: Amelia Christie 
Jangmu Sherpa
Nursing (2019)

“I want to live my each day intending to progress my own and others lives to the extent I can. I believe that after completion of my study I can genuinely be independent and make the most of my specialized skills in serving for humanity.”

photo credit: Ellyn Norris 
Lhamu Sherpa
Education (2019)

"I am very happy getting this scholarship. I am very proud of BMKF for the work they do to support women's education in Nepal. Because of this opportunity I now have high hopes of becoming a good teacher."

photo credit: Gloria Posada 
Pooja Yadav
Nursing (2019)

"When I think about all the patients and their loved ones that I will work with, I know most of them won’t remember me nor I them, but I do know that I gave a little piece of myself to each of them and they to me and those threads make up the beautiful tapestry in my mind, that is my career in Nursing. To do what nobody else will do, in a way that nobody else can, in spite of all we go through is to be a nurse. BMKF provide me a scholarship which is so valuable and much needed to fully concentrate on my study."

photo credit: Ellyn Norris 
Samjhana Thapa
Social Work (2019)

"I as a student of Social Work, have gotten an opportunity to fulfill my childhood dream through the help of BMKF scholarship. Being a social worker will give me chances to do something good in other’s lives and it will bring satisfaction and meaning to my own life. "

Shanta Bhat
Business Studies (2019)

“Everyone in the world has some kind of dream. I too have a dream to be successful in my BBS study.”

photo credit: Ellyn Norris 
Tshering Sherpa
Nursing (2019)

"I am so excited and happy on being the nursing scholar because without BMKF support it would not have been possible to study nursing since it require lots including financially. I feel lucky and thankful to BMKF for everything. It give me deep satisfaction knowing that I will be nurse with the BMKF’s scholarship."

Alumni of 2017
Mandira Sapkota
B.Sc. Nursing (2017)

"I feel so fortunate to have been selected as a recipient of this honor. Your generosity will allow me to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse, and for that I can't thank you enough."

Manisha Kumari
Business Studies (2017)

"BMKF supports me a lot, since my economic condition is weak, I was not able to get chance of higher education. After  getting support from it, I am able to afford my higher education level."

Prabha Bohara
Nursing (2017)

"Very thankful to the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation who has provided me with this opportunity. Thanks to everyone who has supported me and are still supporting me to make my dream come true."

Rebika Bhandari
Nursing Proficiency Certificate Level (2017)

"If this organization didn't support me, then I do not think I would have been able to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse. This was my dream since childhood and Florence Nightingale was my inspiration!"

Saraswoti Adhikari
Public Health (2017)

"Now, I am in this position that makes me really happy and success is all due to BMKF family. And I am feeling proud myself."

Alumni of 2016
Babita Sharma
Civil Engineering (2016)

"BMKF motivates and inspires me more towards my study and provides the strength to fight the problem, so it is just like a building block for me."

Indreni Waiba
Education (2016)

"I don't think I would have gone for my Bachelor level without BMKF. After the help of BMKF, I feel very happy and hope that I can help in many ways!"

Lali Kumari Sunuwar
Nursing (2016)

"Thank you so much for the scholarships you have provided for me in hopes of being a good nurse! Thank you BMKF for your full support and guidance!"

Alumni of 2015
Anita Lama
Bachelor of Education (2015)

"BMKF is such a wonderful scholarship; it is light to women education."

Ganga Tamang
Bachelor of Business Studies (2015)

"BMKF support has made my future bright; thank you so much for your support."

Nirmala Ghising
Bachelor of Humanities (2015)

"Thanks so much for the great help to me. I got your scholarship and I am very glad! It has helped me so much. Now I am moving on with my study. Again thanks so much heartily!"

photo credit: Scott Squire 
Pema Sherpa
Bachelor of Social Work and Rural Development (2015)

"BMKF has played the vital role of being the bridge that helped me to connect with my dream of achieving higher studies."

Pratima Lama
Bachelor of Education (2015)

"If I have not got help of BMKF for my bachelor education, I would be like a fish without water."

Rama Poudel
Bachelor of Business Studies (2015)

"I am very thankful to you for providing me such a great opportunity. Because of this, I got a great platform to move ahead in my life and the support of your organization means a lot to me, in my life."

Sima Rana
Bachelor of Education (2015)

"BMKF has given me a great opportunity to help me continue my studies. I lead my new life with confidence and thank you with all of my heart."

Sita Chaudhary
Bachelor of Education (2015)

"If there was no BMKF, I could not do my education and would have to stop. So for that, I thank you very much BMKF!"

Sita Chaudhary
Bachelor of Health Science (2015)

"The support of BMKF helps me to get higher education. That is great and thank you so much."

Topala Pun Magar
Education (2015)

"I can read with the help of BMKF and my education continues with your support."

Yami Jhakri Magar
Bachelor of Business Studies (2015)

"If I wasn't able to get a scholarship from BMKF, I wouldn't have been successful. Thank you."

photo credit: Scott Squire 
Yangit Sherpa
Bachelor of Business Management (2015)

"I would like to give a big thanks to you and the organization for helping me by giving me funds for my studies. This is really amazing! Once again, thanks a lot."

Alumni of 2014
Bhim Kumari
Bachelor of Management (2014)

“I am very grateful to the BMKF. I would have had to give up my study if I hadn’t received the scholarship from BMKF. It helped me to fulfill my higher level of study. Thank you for support me”

Jyamu Lama
Bachelor in Education (2014)

"Without BMKF’s support it would not have been possible for me to complete my bachelor education. Thank you!"

photo credit: Scott Squire 
Meera Tamang
Bachelor in Management (2014)

"I am very proud to be one of the lucky members of BMKF. It has opened the eyes of us Nepalese women to our rights and empowerment trough higher education. Now we can see the contemporary world with new eyes. Thank you BMKF!"

photo credit: Scott Squire 
Neema Sherpa
Bachelor in Rural Development (2014)

"Receiving scholarship from BMKF to pursue an undergraduate degree from a recognized University has been an important milestone in my academic career. In addition, several meetings with BMKF board members, associates and representatives from other similar organizations of US and Nepal has proven to be of immense benefit in my professional career so far."

Sabita Tamang Ghising
Bachelor of Business Administration (2014)

"The strong foundation and impetus in my life always is BMKF that paved the way for pursuing my higher education as well as for stepping ahead to be an example in every facets of social, cultural, educational and professional career. My hearty thanks goes to the BMKF for giving me that helping hand".

photo credit: Scott Squire 
Samjhauta B.K.
Bachelor in Education (2014)

"Without the contribution of BMKF scholarship, I would have been unable to achieve my graduated level education. Now, I am here due to all the support of the BMKF. Thanks for that.”

Sarita Sharma
Bachelor of Electronic Engineering (2014)

"BMKF always supported me in every problem of my life, taught me to be strong, encouraged me to climb every step in staircase of my success, motivated me in my study and in fact it saved my career. We know BMKF supports disadvantaged women. For me it is the milestone of my life and backbone of my career."

Srijana Thapa
Bachelor of Management (2014)

"Every person has a dream to reach its destination. Among them some can get their dream fulfilled. Some do not. I feel lucky myself that I got a golden chance to make my dream true to complete my higher education. So, I am very thankful to BMKF which supported me and provided me a fortune. Thank You BMKF."

Sunita Dangi
Bachelor of Social Work (2014)

"I don't want to be dependent on my family or others. I want to be independent and stand on my own two feet. There are so many women with disability in my village and most of them are illiterate. The families of those few that pass the SLC exam don’t believe there is any point for them to go on with their education, they are disabled so they can't do anything. I want to be a role model for these women, an inspiration for them."

Alumni of 2013
Sharada Chhetry
Doctor (2013)

"I would like to thank you all who supported me to get to this level. I want to serve people with my full skills and I want to be best so I will continue to work and study. I heartedly want to be the best at what I do and make everyone proud of me."

Alumni of 2012
photo credit: Scott Squire 
Sumita Maharjan
Bachelor of Business & Accounting (2012)

“BMKF gave me the chance to live an independent life and it feels great. THANK YOU!”

Alumni of 2011

photo credit: Scott Squire 
Grishma Manandhar
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (2011)

"Being an engineer had always been a dream to me. And now being an engineer, working in the energy sector in my country and just recently getting a chance to study masters in engineering in Germany is something i would not have even imagined. Thanks to BMKF for helping me build the foundation for what I could achieve today."

photo credit: Scott Squire 
Kanchhi Sherpa
Bachelor of Education (2011)

"I am enjoying teaching in my own village in the Solukhumbu. I teach Health subject to grades 9 and 10."

photo credit: Scott Squire 
Sarita Tamang
Bachelor of Journalism (2011)

“I am going to return to my village and give the women there a voice. Thank you BMKF for believing in me”

photo credit: Scott Squire 
Shanta Sapkota
Bachelor of Education (2011)

"Due to poor economic condition of my family, it was difficult to pursue higher education. My dream of enrolling at the university was possible when I got scholarship from BMKF. I want to thank BMKF and all their members for changing my life through education. I wish all the best for this organization."

Alumni of 2007

photo credit: Scott Squire 
Bindu Shrestha
NPC Nursing (2007)

"There is a saying by Mark Twain 'The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.' The BMKF gave me that reason to me."