Mandira Sapkota

B.Sc. Nursing ( 2017 )

Mandira is from the historic town of Banepa about 25 km east of Kathmandu. Her father’s military pension just covers the family’s basic needs. Her mother is a housewife and helps her father with farming. For a time, Mandira says, she regretted choosing a science degree, which is more expensive than other programs.

“Fortunately, my lifelong dream to attend medical college is moving forward, thanks to Bo M. Karlsson Foundation. I plan to complete my nursing degree with excellent results in both theoretical and practical performance — not only for the sake of passing an exam, but also for acquiring good skills the nursing field. With my BMKF scholarship, I can give my full attention to my studies,” she says.

Organized, smart, and hard working, Mandira means what she says. Over the past three years, she has consistently ranked among the top students in her B.Sc. in Nursing program at Scheer Memorial Hospital. In 2017, she will start the final year of her bachelor’s degree.

Role model: “My sister. Shanta’s commitment to me is that she will always be helping me in different ways. She is all-loving and all-inspiring for me. There is no doubt that BMKF inspired her to move ahead in life, so I am following my sister’s path.”

Why nursing: “What I love about nursing is it’s independence. As a student nurse, I’m still learning and training, but I can provide comfort, compassion, and reassurance to my patients and their families. I like it when I have the opportunity to teach patients and families something new concerning health. It’s even better when they’re willing to learn. It makes me feel that like all the study, hard work, and tuition fees are worth it.”

BMKF scholar Mandira Sapkota

BMKF scholar Mandira Sapkota will complete her BSc in Nursing in 2017.

Career goal: “After I complete my Nursing, I plan to serve here at Scheer Memorial Hospital for two years and then I want to continue with a M.Sc. in Nursing for a better career. My passion for nursing is matched only by my interest in serving to people, so my decision to specialize as a nurse comes from the heart.”