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Jangmu Sherpa

Nursing ( 2019 )

Each year only 144 students are selected for enrollment in the B.Sc. in Nursing program at Kathmandu University’s Nepal Medical College. This year, Jangmu Sherpa made the merit list. Jangmu placed in the top 28 students out of 2,000 applicants and recently started her bachelor degree as a BMKF scholar.

Growing up, Jangmu consistently ranked at the top of her class, even when she was promoted ahead two grades. She received awards for speech and writing in English and Nepali and was recognized as “most disciplined student of the year.” (So we know what to expect from this bright young lady!) Jangmu’s father works seasonally as trekking guide, earning just to support their basic expenses. Her mother is a housewife. Because of the family’s financial challenges, Jangmu’s sister was unable to continue her studies after she completed her +2 in computer science. Jangmu says that being awarded a BMKF scholarship is helping to fulfill a dream for both her and her sister.

Inspiration: “My elder sister who couldn’t continue her higher education always motivates me to work hard in study and fulfill her dream of going to the University. Hence, completing higher studies of my choice, that is a B.Sc. in Nursing, would be my and my sister’s biggest dream come true.”

Career goal: “I want to be a well skilled nurse with a caring and friendly attitude who can make a difference in people’s lives. My career goal is to work in a hospital where I will be assigned in a special area of work such as surgery, maternity, intensive care, obstetrics, rehabilitation, etc. I (also) have quite an interest in dedicating myself to psychiatric nursing. Working with patients suffering from emotional and psychological distress requires a lot of devotion and patience. I heartily want to try it and put on peace to their emotional psychological pain.”

Women’s life in Nepal: “As women in our country, we have very little access to opportunities be it academic, professional, or decision making. (A) new constitution has finally been introduced in Nepal, which has assigned equal opportunities between men and women. This adds a citizenship certificate in name of mother. However gender discrimination favored by Nepalese, mainly men and somewhere women herself is yet deeply rooted and starts from the moment she is born, from her own family, community, society, and country, integrally. Slowly positive changes in perception and action is being seen. But the change is not enough. Fortunately I find myself lucky enough to be born in a family where my dreams are given support and are prioritized.”

Why nursing: “I have always been interested in health care field, both physiology and psychology… When my grandmother was hospitalized for her weakness due to old age, I used to make her a visit. There was a feeling of ease and rest, deep down my heart, to realize grandmother was being cared for so warmly by the nurses. Today she is no more in this world, and I feel like I could have also cared for her better if only I were a nurse. This particular life incidence (tragedy) motivated me to choose a nursing career wholeheartedly. I strongly know I can do my best in this field.”

BMKF scholar Jangmu Sherpa is pursuing a B.Sc. in Nursing

BMKF scholar Jangmu Sherpa is pursuing a B.Sc. in Nursing