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2019 is best looked back upon as a Year of Opportunity for BMKF’s students and graduates. Not only has this year seen another seven bright young women graduate, but we have witnessed ongoing studies and professional development for many of our graduates.

Donate as little as $15 today to help us reach our goal of $10,000 by the New Year.

A very special thanks goes out to all of our incredible donors this year. A number of you have sponsored specific students and committed to see them finish a successful year of school – or a successful degree. Your support helps to empower young women who are determined to make a difference for their Nepali sisters, communities, and country — through education, health care, social work, science, business, law, journalism, and communications.

Chadani Shrestha: business grad, role model, employee!

Chadani Shrestha

Chadani Shrestha is one of these young women. She received a Bo M. Karlsson Foundation Scholarship several years ago and decided to pursue a degree in Business Management. She put in the hard work, studying while also working to help support her family, and this year, she graduated!

Just recently, Chadani interviewed for and was appointed to the position of Program Coordinator in our Nepal office. It is full circle for Chadani and the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation, and we could not be more proud!

Chadani once said, “The main thing I have learned being part of BMKF is that compassion is another name for strength” and she is indeed a strong young woman who overcame obstacles to complete her degree and pursue a career that gives back.

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“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”
~Joel A. Barker