Paul Goldstein


“I came very late to sculpture. When I turned 60, I stopped what I was doing and went to live in Bangkok, Thailand for one year. There I worked in an old brass foundry well known for making Buddhas and temple bells in the old traditional Thai way.”

“I prefer working in clay, then casting the figure in bronze. I find there is a simplified realism to my work. I am completely self taught. I have always had a strong interest in ancient and contemporary cultures, not only in the Americas but from around the world which finds its way into my work. Because I started so late in life creating sculptures, I am more interested in producing a variety of prototypes with different styles than marketing my work. I enjoy exploring and using new materials and developing new techniques.”

photo: Androu Morgan
We are extremely pleased to offer a few limited edition pieces from local sculptor, Paul Goldstein. Paul, a long-time supporter of our organization, is donating his artwork to BMKF to help us raise funds for our scholarships. 100% of the proceeds raised from the sale of these featured sculptures will go to the young women we are supporting. Thank you, Mr. Goldstein!

1. Thai Wedding Dolls (Swans)

“There are no such things as Thai Wedding Dolls. I borrowed the idea from Indonesia using the traditional ancient Thai figure of Hong (swan) and knowing that swans mate for life created these Thai Wedding Dolls. They are bronze with a gold patina in edition of 10. Only three remain.”

Dimensions: 1 1/2″ w x 1″ d x 3″ h. Price: $150/pair
All proceeds go to the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation

2. Namaste: Plastic and Bronze editions.

“In western Nepal you will find small wooden guardian figures in fields near homes and bridges left exposed to the elements. I was fascinated how anatomically incorrect they were and decided to make my own version of them. I have also appreciated the traditional Nepalese greeting of Namaste which is often accompanied with a beautiful smile. I have studied Buddhist sculpture and am drawn especially to Lao Buddha images and having seen children sleeping in doorways in Kathmandu this all seems to come together in this sculpture.” Namaste is only available through the Foundation and it comes in both plastic and bronze editions.

Plastic and bronze dimensions: 4″w x 4′ d x 11″ h. Price: Namaste plastic $150 Namaste bronze $750.
All proceeds go to the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation


3. The Lotus Blossom: Bronze

“The small bronze sculpture is based on a young Thai Buddhist nun whom I saw at Wat Pho in Bangkok. I elongated the traditional robes worn by Thai nuns (usually white in color) to resemble an unfurling lotus leaf. She is holding an open lotus leaf in her hand. The lotus leaf is an important symbol in Buddhism representing enlightenment. You normally do not see a young woman as a nun in Thai society.”

Dimensions: 5″ w x 3 1/2″ d x 16″ h. This is the last of a very small edition of three that I made and will make no more. Price: $1,000
All proceeds go to the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation

4. Honey Hunter of Nepal.

36″W x 42″ H x 18″ D.
Silicon Bronze
Only one made
Price: $2,500
All proceeds go to the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation

Photo credit: Androu Morgan

5. The Stargazer.

“This sculpture of the stargazer is my reinterpretation based on the small white marble sculptures of the ancient Cycladic culture. Made of bronze it measures 6″ wide x 5″ D x 28″ H. It is the only casting I will make.”

Anna Witte

Ms. Witte’s art sample:

20% from Ms. Witte’s art bought through referrals from the BMKF directly supports the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation Scholarships. Contact us for more details.

About the Artist

I paint and write and mostly live in a country of my own making. I’ve shown my work at cafés and galleries in the US, Spain, France and Germany. Among my children’s books are El Loro Tico Tango (The Parrot Tico Tango), El Fandango de Lola (Lola’s Fandango), both published by Barefoot Books, and the stories for the Tikitiklip Precolombino series of children’s videos (Producciones Ojitos, Santiago de Chile).

Ray Lawrence Edwards

About the Artist

Ray Lawrence Edwards was a dedicated Oregon artist who started his career in the late 1960s as a bronze sculptor in Eugene, Oregon. From the mid-1980s to 2005 he lived in San Rafael, California where he created most of the paintings presented in his website’s galleries. Ray moved back to Oregon in 2005 and retired in Lincoln City where he lived the last few years of his life.

Ray passed away in February 2010 and his art is now being offered to the public by his heir, BMKF Sustainability Committee member Sean Edwards. 50% from Mr. Edwards’ art bought through referrals from the BMKF directly supports the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation Scholarships. Contact us for more details.

To see more of Ray Lawrence Edwards’ art please visit:

Sally Wager

Sally Wager is a graduate of the New York Botanical Garden’s Botanical Art and Illustration Certification program. She moved to the Northwest and was able to create her own English garden, which has provided her with endless hours of inspiration for her botanical paintings. Her great love of nature and her passion for gardening and the wonder and beauty of it is expressed in her paintings. 

Some of her paintings are shown here. They may be purchased as an 8.5″ x 11″ print of the original watercolor painting or as a set of five 4.25” X 5.5” cards.

The print is printed on acid-free archival paper using vibrant archival quality inks to preserve the detail of the original watercolor painting. It arrives signed and dated on the back by the the artist, and is enclosed in an archival clear plastic bag with cardboard backing to prevent damage during shipping.

Each 4.25″ X 5.5″ card is blank inside and comes individually sealed in a plastic bag. They are printed on high quality matte paper and come with envelopes.

Prints are sold for $20 and a set of five cards sells for $10. 20% of all sales is donated to Bo M Karlsson Foundation.

Please contact Sally Wager at if you wish to order or enquire about other images. Payment can be made by PayPal.

Louma El-Khoury

Fashion Illustrator

Louma El-Khoury is a Seattle fashion illustrator and mom of two little girls. Originally from Lebanon, Louma studied fashion design in Montreal and later specialized in fashion illustration. She also creates custom keepsakes with children’s outgrown baby clothes that hold precious memories and special milestones. You can see samples of her work in coffee shops around Seattle, and soon in children’s stores.

10% from Ms. El-Khoury’s keepsakes commissioned through referrals from the BMKF directly supports the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation Scholarships.

“Nepalese Bride” was designed by Louma exclusively for BMKF. 100% from sales of this particular artwork supports our scholarships.

Ellyn Norris

Photo Artist

Ellyn Norris is a Canadian photo artist who has been living in San Diego, California since 2000. She graduated with a bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal and completed a master of Art Education at NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has been a photography instructor at various colleges in San Diego, on campus and online, since 2001. “Elle” has traveled the world extensively to pursue her passion of Landscape and Humanitarian photography. Ellyn also hosts Photography tours of Iceland and Nepal each year. 

To see more of Ellyn Norris work, please visit her website

20% from Ms. Norris photographs bought through referrals from the BMKF directly supports the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation Scholarships. Contact us for more details.

Sterling Silver Jewelry by Rajman Bajracharya inspired by BMKF Scholars

About the Artist

Nepalese-born Rajman Bajracharya worked many years carving statues before switching to silver. His beautiful pieces are painstakingly made and carved by hand using mostly handmade tools. Rajman works as an accountant to make a living but designing jewelry has become his hobby and passion. He truly enjoys creating exquisite jewelry and it gives him immense satisfaction when people love his creations. “I get my energy from people liking my designs”, Rajman says.
photo: Scott Squire

About the Jewelry

Over the years, the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation has auctioned many of Rajman Bajracharya’s pieces at various fundraising events and they have always been very popular, sought-after items. In 2011 BMKF commissioned Mr. Bajracharya to create pieces inspired by the first BMKF graduates Bindu Shrestha, Grishma Manandhar, Shanta Sapkota, Kanchhi Sherpa, and Sarita Tamang.

All net proceeds go to fund our scholarships. Please contact Sonnia Karlsson for more information.

“Bindu” bracelet
inspired by BMKF alumna Bindu Shrestha (Nursing 2007)
“Shanta” ring
inspired by BMKF alumna Shanta Sapkota (Education 2011)
“Sarita” necklace
inspired by BMKF alumna Sarita Tamang (Journalism 2011)
“Kanchhi” pendant
inspired by BMKF alumna Kanchhi Sherpa (Education 2011)
“Grishma” earrings
inspired by BMKF alumna Grishma Manandhar (Mechanical Engineering 2011)

Chadani Shrestha


Chadani Shrestha is one of our current scholars. She is pursuing a career in business and hopes to someday become a successful entrepreneur. 

“Women (in Nepal) lack confidence and the guts to challenge the rules made by men. Rather than taking this as a disappointment, it inspires me to become a full-fledged businesswoman. I want to challenge men in business and support the society and women to move forward in this competitive world.”

Chadani is also a talented artist who finds inspiration and solace painting and drawing.

“For me, art is mysterious. I cannot explain it in words, because I think of it as my friend. It is a means to express my emotions or whatever I am feeling at the moment. When I am sad, happy, angry or broken, I turn towards art rather than my friends or family. I open the color box and just play with the colors.”

Currently, we are offering prints of some of her most popular paintings. All net proceeds will go to Chadani’s scholarship fund. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Prints are $100 each, includes shipping and handling. Contact us for more details.

Tinted Wine
Dare to
Lead and Follow

Ellen Lyons

Illuminative Jewelry Art Designs
Instagram: ellenlyonsjewelry
My work is fueled by my love of texture in metal. I am a graduate of the Diamonds and Colored Stones programs from the Gemological Institute of America. All of the stones I use are carefully selected and chosen using the knowledge I have earned as a gemologist. 

In designing my pieces, I seek to express that place within that is passionate and truly at peace. My goal is to create visually interesting textures that are wearable works of art. I fabricate reticulated silver in my studio also using fair-traded and fair-mined metals and gemstones. I use classical metal smithing techniques aiming for elegant designs that celebrate the individual and that are engaging and joyful to the eyes. Inspiration comes from travel, most recently to Mexico and Turkey where local design motifs are translated into metal, as well as antiquities and elements from nature.

15% from Ms. Lyons jewelry bought through referrals from BMKF directly supports the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation Scholarships. Contact us for more details.

  • .925 Sterling Silver, blue sapphire
  • Size 7, Can be resized
  • $195.00
  • Inv: CR134

  • Sterling Silver Greek braid with bimetal (sterling and gold)
  • 2”W x 1 1/4L
  • $50.00
  • Inv: EL208E

  • Sterling Silver and Reticulated Silver
  • 7/8”W x 1 3/4”L approx.
  • SOLD
  • Inv: EL205E

  • Sterling Silver and Reticulated Silver
  • 3/4”W x 1 1/2”L approx.
  • $52.00
  • Inv: EL207E

  • .925 Sterling Silver and Reticulated Silver
  • 1/2”W x 3 1/2 approx.
  • $105.00
  • Inv: EL204E

  • .925 Sterling Silver and Reticulated Silver
  • 1/2”W x 2”L approx.
  • $112.00
  • Inv: EL128E

  • .925 Sterling Silver and Reticulated Silver
  • 5/8”W x 3”L approx.
  • $112.00
  • Inv: EL127E

  • .925 Sterling Silver and Reticulated Silver
  • 20” L, approx.
  • $240.00
  • Inv: EL115P

  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • 22”L, approx.
  • $240.00
  • Inv: EL103P

  • .925 Sterling silver, yellow sapphire from Sri Lanka, agate
  • Size 6 1/2, Cannot be resized
  • $275.00
  • Inv: CRAhmed