May 7, 2020

The Coin Drive for BMKF is back!

The Phoenix & Kaia Coin Drive for BMKF (May 2020)

Kaia is 9 years old. She likes to write, cook, bake, draw, swim, dance and jump on the trampoline. Horses are her passion and she love her pets – a cat named Catsby, a dog named Tessa, a hamster named Noel and 4 chickens named Hei Hei, Maple, Zoom and Snowball.

But that is not all — Kaia is also a philanthropist!
She has been following her big cousin’s steps since she was 4, getting more and more involved with the Phoenix Penny Drive as she got older. To supplement their fundraising efforts, two years ago they started baking and selling cookies to friends and families. Then, Kaia added a lemonade stand to their enterprise, and Phoenix made bracelets. It was a fun way to raise money for the scholarships– and that they did, lots of it!

Sadly, and for obvious reasons, this year Phoenix and Kaia will not be able to offer these wonderful  direct interactions with the community. But that’s not stopping them from continuing their annual fundraising drive for the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation!

This year the fundraiser has a new name and a new look (a magic antique red box that makes coins multiply!)– the Phoenix & Kaia Coin Drive. Their enthusiasm not only continues after all these years, but it has been revitalized by what is happening. More than ever, Phoenix and Kaia are determined to make a positive difference in the world. 

Want to be part of this magical journey? Save up your coins to donate to the Drive — when the confinement is over, Phoenix and Kaia will start collecting them through the end of November. If you live out of town but would like to contribute, you may donate through our website. No amount is ever too small, and every dollar is very much appreciated. 

Best of health to everyone and stay safe!