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September 2018
The Penny Drive is seeking matching gifts!

Young Phoenix and her penny partners have raised almost $2,000 on their own and they are currently looking for matching gifts to help them reach their $5,000 goal by September 30th. Would you like to join in?

Deep gratitude to each generous person who has donated to the penny drive already and many thanks to the businesses who are helping with the collection:

Determined to Elevate Women’s Voices in Nepal: a New BMKF Scholarship for Mass Communication and Journalism.

In 2018, the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation will be offering a designated scholarship for a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism (BA MCJ).

We believe it’s essential to promote women’s voices in the media, and this scholarship is our next step in providing Nepalese women the skills and confidence to have their voices heard in an increasingly impactful and widespread way.

Media is a fast growing industry in Nepal. The prevalence of digital technologies has helped spur an expanded range of job opportunities from content writers, bloggers, and newspaper editors to professional anchors and TV hosts. Stories shared in the media have the power to shape local, national, and global opinions — to influence everything from fashion trends to politics and gender power dynamics.

In the 14 years BMKF has been awarding scholarships, only one scholar has decided to pursue a journalism degree. Designating this new scholarship specifically for Mass Communication and Journalism is our next big step in empowering Nepalese women to raise their voice and be heard.

For more information about the scholarship and application process visit https://bomkarlsson.com/scholarships/application/ or contact info@bomkarlsson.org.