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December 2018
2018 Mass Media and Journalism Scholarship Award
Ms. Jenuka Dhodari has been awarded the 2018 Mass Media and Journalism scholarship. Congratulations, Jenuka!

We are currently raising funds to cover all four years of her studies. Fundraiser ends at midnight on December 31st, Pacific Time. We believe it's essential to promote women's voices in the media. If you agree, please make a gift! Thank you for considering us. Namaste.

Jenuka Dhodari

Support Women’s Voices in the Media — in Nepal

The Bo M. Karlsson Foundation is raising $10,000 for a Mass Communication and Journalism scholarship. Will you help?

Every dollar you donate during BMKF's end of year fundraising campaign will be allocated to our 2018 Mass Communications and Journalism Scholarship. We want to raise $10,000 to cover all four years of study and related expenses for a motivated, deserving Nepalese woman scholar.

We believe it's essential to promote women's voices in the media. If you agree, please make a gift!

Raised : $5,010 Goal : $10,000

Why Media and Journalism?

Media is a fast growing industry in Nepal. The prevalence of digital technologies has helped spur an expanded range of job opportunities from content writers, bloggers, and newspaper editors to professional anchors and TV hosts. Stories shared in the media have the power to shape local, national, and global opinions — to influence everything from fashion trends to politics and gender power dynamics. We believe that women’s voices are needed in the media.

BMKF’s 2018 Scholarship will provide an opportunity for a bright, talented Nepalese woman to develop her voice, confidence, skills, and platform to make an impact. Your support makes it possible.

Make a gift to support women's journalism in Nepal.

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About BMKF scholarships

BMKF empowers underprivileged women in Nepal through higher education, including bachelor’s degree and trade school scholarships. We support qualified, motivated women who face barriers to education, including great financial need, as well as caste, ethnic group, disabilities, and various life challenges. Priority may be given to candidates from outside the Kathmandu Valley.

Thank you for helping us elevate women’s voices!

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