Current BMKF Scholars

Pursuing degrees in business, education, health, engineering, and more!

Bo M. Karlsson Foundation scholarships give diverse, underprivileged Nepalese women the opportunity to pursue bachelor’s degree and trade certificate programs, helping them to become self-reliant, confident and active citizens in their own country and communities.

Meet the remarkable women we are currently supporting. Click on their photos to learn more about each student.

photo credit: Ellyn Norris 
Anisha Gautam
Law (2020)

"BMKF has opened the path to chase my ambition. And I believe that with their support I can certainly pursue my dreams."

Beenita Devkota
Law (2021)

"The meaningful thing we can do in life is by serving people with what we have achieved. The scholarship opportunity given by BMKF is a subject of great privilege for us. Because of this education support, today we are being able to empower ourselves and are being able to compete in the areas where only men had the privilege. "

Jenuka Dhodari
Mass Media & Journalism (2022)

photo credit: Gloria Posada 
Nimiska Pandey
Law (2020)

"Our nation is flooded with issues and problems. I strongly believe in facing and solving these problems rather than cursing the entire system for not being what we expect it to be. To make something possible, we need to have faith in people and, most important. in ourselves. I like challenges. I plan on fighting for justice."

photo credit: Gloria Posada 
Saniya Giri
Law (2021)

"I joined law after much analysis. I’ve finally found the area in which I love to work, and I’ve stuck to my plan to study hard and score well. I want to make my mother proud of me, and I want to be proud of myself as well.”

photo credit: Gloria Posada 
Susmina Manandhar
Geomatics Engineering (2020)

"There is a person behind someone's success but I have a whole family behind it. BMKF is a boon to my life. They have boosted my strength when I was totally helpless. I would be the happiest person to see myself graduate as an engineer because it will include every single person's faith and hopes . - Lots of love and respect to every member in our family."