BMKF Scholarship Application

NEW! Mass Communication and Journalism Scholarship

This year the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation will award a designated scholarship for a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism. Journalism is a growing field in Nepal. We believe it’s essential to promote women’s voices in the media.

This year the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation is trying something new:  In 2018, we’re offering a designated scholarship for a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism (BA MCJ). We chose this exciting focus in consulation and conversation with our Nepal team, including program staff, board directors, and alumni.

Why Media and Journalism?

Historically, many BMKF scholars have pursued degrees in nursing, business, teaching, and social work. Recently, we’ve seen more diversity in the fields candidates wish to pursue, including STEM and law. So far, only one BMKF scholar has pursued a journalism degree. We see this as an opportunity.

Thanks to digital technology, media is a fast growing industry in Nepal. With a number of private publication houses, TV channels, websites, and radio stations, the scope of job opportunities is wide, ranging from content writer, blogger, and journalist, to newspaper editor and administrator, to program hosts and professional anchors for the media and events. Also important, the news and stories we share in the media have the power to shape local, national, and global policies, opinions, and perspectives — to influence everything from fashion, trends, and memes, to education, politics, and gender power dynamics. Women’s voices are needed in the media.

BMKF’s Mass Communication and Journalism Scholarship will provide an opportunity for a Nepalese woman to develop her voice, confidence, skills, and platform to make an impact

About BMKF scholarships

BMKF awards scholarships to underprivileged Nepalese women for higher education, including bachelor’s degrees and trade school certificates. We support qualified, motivated women scholars, who have great financial need and various challenges that limit access to education, including caste, ethnic group, disabilities, and life situations impacted by human trafficking, natural disaster, and other factors. Priority may be given to candidates from regions outside the Kathmandu Valley. Scholars who remain in good academic standing may apply to renew their scholarships each year until they graduate.


Candidates must submit ALL of the following documents:

  • BMKF Scholarship Application
  • Personal essay
  • High school transcripts
  • 3 letters of reference
  • SLC and/or HSEB (10+2) exam results*
  • BMKF Estimated Expenses form


  1. October – Our Nepal staff will review applications to make sure candidates meet scholarships requirements and that applications are complete. 
  2. November – The BMKF Education Committee will read scholarship applications, with close attention to  candidate essays and goals, and meet together to select finalists.
  3. Late November – Scholarship finalists will be invited to interview with BMKF’s Nepal team, including staff, board members, and representatives from partner organizations. (We may also request a home visit. )
  4. Early December – BMKF will notify and announce the 2018 scholarship winner.

* Note: If you do not think you will receive your SLC or HSEB exam results by November 1, please inform contact our Nepal office to let us know about your situation.


If you have questions about the scholarship application or selection process, please contact Nepal program coordinator Ms. Neema Sherpa by email at, or text or call +9860808279.


Read the application guidelines. Print and complete the BMKF Application and Estimated Expenses forms:

1. Application Guidelines


2. BMKF Application 2018

NEW The application process for our 2018 Mass Communication and Journalism Scholarship starts in May. Check back soon! 

3. Estimated Expenses

BMKF Estimated Expenses (Rs.)

Contact Us

For information or assistance, please contact the BMKF team in Kathmandu, Nepal:

Ms. Rama Poudel, Office Manager
Tel: 01-4358284

Ms. Neema Sherpa, Program Coordinator
Cell: + 9860808279