The BMKF Scholarship Program

Promoting higher education for women in Nepal

The Bo M. Karlsson Foundation annually awards higher education scholarships to underprivileged women in Nepal for undergraduate study, including bachelor’s degree and trade school programs. In addition to academic and leadership potential, candidates are selected based on various factors that limit their access to higher education. BMKF scholars include women who belong to marginalized castes and indigenous groups, have a disability, or live in rural areas that are vulnerable to human trafficking or natural disaster.

BMKF awards vary according to student need. Scholarships typically cover tuition and living expenses, including exam fees, books, and uniforms, as well as room, board, and transportation if needed. Once selected, a scholar may apply to renew her award each year until she graduates, as long as she remains in good academic standing.

BMKF scholars in Nepal

Photo: Kristen GIles

Mentorship and professional development

In addition to financial awards, the BMKF Scholarship Program provides ongoing mentorship and support. Throughout the year, BMKF scholars convene for special events, including visits to Kathmandu, meetings with NGO leaders, computer literacy training, fieldwork opportunities, volunteer projects, and more. Our goal is to help each young woman develop the skills and confidence to pursue an independent livelihood and help make a difference in her community and country.

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Sponsor a BMKF Scholar

Whenever possible, BMKF scholars are matched with individual sponsors who may choose to provide financial support only, or to also correspond with and mentor students. BMKF sponsors describe their sponsorship “investment” as a powerful, inspirational experience that allows them to make a difference not only for these resilient young woman, but also for their families, communities, and society in Nepal.

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BMKF is not accepting scholarship applications at this time. 

17 Continuing BMKF Scholars in 2017

As the number of BMKF scholarships has grown over the years, so have the costs associated with each. After much consideration, our U.S. board of directors has determined that our priority is to make sure each of our existing scholars receives the ongoing support she need to complete her program. With this goal, our application process is on hold: BMKF will not award new scholarships in 2017. We will re-evaluate our decision next year, and hopefully be in the position to re-open the application process in 2018.

The Foundation currently supports 17 women scholars who are en route to achieving their educational goals across numerous academic disciplines. Five will graduate this year!

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BMKF awards scholarships to qualified Nepalese women with great financial need and other challenges that limit access to education, including women from different castes, ethnic groups, and regions, and women with disabilities.

Are you a student?

For more information or assistance, please contact our program coordinator in Kathmandu, Nepal:

Ms. Neema Sherpa
Cell: + 9860808279