Prabha Bohara

Nursing ( 2017 )

Prabha describes herself as “the lucky one,” because she had the chance to go to a government school, even though she was a girl. At a young age, she knew she wanted to have an academic focus. She says her father was an alcoholic, who would come home late at night and hit her mother, as well as Prabha and her siblings when they were little. Seeing her mother’s suffering made her determined to pursue a career.

Although it wasn’t easy to achieve, Prabha eventually completed a PCL in nursing (similar to RN) and got a job in a hospital. For the first time, she felt independent. But then Prabha’s family arranged a marriage for her.

It did not turn out well.

“I’ve had quite a struggle in terms of marriage, family, and education,” Prahba says.

“After I was married, I faced challenges that I never imagined, including hatred, discrimination, and isolation from my husband and his family. I worked hard to make them happy, but was treated badly. It was all because of being a woman and not from a rich family.”

Prabha’s husband didn’t work. Instead, he relied on her wages. He regularly borrowed money from her to go out with his friends, even though she also had to use her salary to support their household. When she was reluctant to give him more, he divorced her.

Caught by surprise, at first she was stunned. And then she used her anger to fuel her determination to return to school for a bachelor’s degree.

“The most difficult time was when I did not have money to pay for college. I borrowed money from others,” she says.

“All of these challenges inspired me to pursue this career. Nursing is my passion. I want to be a good nurse and a good teacher, to give my knowledge where it’s needed, to share what I’ve learned. I’m willing to do something better for myself and for others. I am very thankful for all these problems which made me stronger.”

Prabha hopes that sharing her story will help inspire other women to believe in themselves.

“My BMKF scholarship is a golden opportunity and it has boosted my confidence. I will be well qualified after I finish my nursing studies and with that I will be able to support myself and make a difference for others.”

Prabha Bohara wants to inspire other women.

BMKF scholar Prabha Bohara wants to inspire other women.