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Nimiska Pandey

Law ( 2021 )

Nimiska Pandey was one of two BMKF scholars to win a designated law degree scholarship in 2016. She grew up in Kathmandu, the youngest in her family. Her father is a priest and her mother is a housewife. Their home was destroyed during the 2015 earthquake. For awhile, her family struggled to get by on her older sister’s income, which was not enough.

Nimiska previously was awarded a scholarship from Little Sister Fund for her secondary education. She says she gave all her effort to education and maintained a cooperative relationship with her teachers, so there were always many hands to help.

In her scholarship application, Nimiska described herself as “determined.”

Inspiration:  “I’ve always been curious in learning and that’s what drives me forward. Besides this, my brother is my source of inspiration. He is my role model in education and life. He helps me concentrate on my studies and always directs me to the right path.”

A typical morning:  “My day starts early. I freshen up and help my mother with household work. THen I sit to study. Before I start, I meditate for a few minutes to grab some concentration. Then I go through my books.”

Career path: “Law is where I can develop a range of skills and explore many aspects of human life. Aristotle said law is free from passion, but I believe that passion is essential to the study and practice of law, that it’s our passion and courage of conviction that prove worthy in the real world.I want to be a lawyer because I have a passion for justice. Our nation is flooded with issues and problems. I strongly believe in facing and solving these problems rather than cursing the entire system for not being what we expect it to be. To make something possible, we need to have faith in people and, most important, in ourselves. I like challenges. I plan on fighting for justice.”

Future plans: “I wanted to work as a lawyer in a bank setting. But since starting college, I have been influenced by the UN. I would like to work in a United Nations office, with international agencies. It’s a challenge to get this job.”

Favorite class:  “Legal English. It’s different from the English we studied in high school. Also, we get to participate in extra activities that encourage public speaking. I also love to debate topics my friends and teachers. These are the best moments during the school year.”

BMKF scholar Nimiska Pandy studies law.

BMKF scholar Nimiska Pandy studies law.