photo credit: Kristen Giles

Chadani Shrestha

Business Studies ( 2019 )

Chadani lives with her parents and younger sister in Dhading District. Chadani describes herself as an “average student,” but hardworking. She says she could have faced great obstacles, but Little Sister Fund gave her financial support and encouragement. By grade 8, she “caught the track of study” and she finished her SLC and +2 level with distinction. Until recently Chadani’s father was the only earning member of her family. His wages cover most of the family’s expenses, but are not quite enough because her sister is also pursuing an education, currently in grade 10. Recently, her father injured his hand, so Chadani started working to help make ends meet.

Role model: “My father is my inspiration to continue my studies. Even though being uneducated, he is a very intelligent and sophisticated person. He was not able to read, but he wants his daughters to study and achieve something great. My reason to continue studying is to fulfill that dream of his.”

Work experience: “I am a job holder. I’ve started working so that I can support my family. I work as a promoter in Samsung Company. I’ve to deal with various customers every day and I’m appreciated for handling every customer patiently.”

Extracurricular pursuits: “If I had a choice, I would like to spend my free time gardening, doing handicrafts, painting, reading novels, and writing my own fiction story.”

Academic approach: “I’m a hardworking student though I may not be brilliant. I want to give my 100% in whatever I do.”

Favorite class:“Statistics. I feel energetic when it comes to mathematics.”

Women’s lives in Nepal: “Somehow women are still falling backward in our community. The reason for that in my point of view is ignorance, illiteracy, and inequality. Even if women are allowed to study, they aren’t able to get proper education because of their poor financial status. So, I will use my education and achievement to support women economically and to support equal participation in every sector.”

Career goal: “I’ve chosen business as my career path so that one day I can see myself as an entrepreneur. There are very few women entrepreneurs in our country. When it comes to business, we’ve only heard about male reaching the top… Women are not so conscious about their ability because our masculine society is suppressing them to show up their skills and intelligence. Not only that, women lack confidence and the guts to challenge the rules made by men. Rather than taking this as a disappointment, it inspires me to become a fullfledged businesswoman. I want to challenge men in business and support the society and women to move forward in this competitive world.”

An original painting by BMKF scholar Chadani Shrestha.

An original painting by BMKF scholar Chadani Shrestha.