photo credit: Ellyn Norris

Anisha Gautam

Law ( 2020 )

Anisha Gautam is a firecracker! This lively young woman continually inspires us with her sparkling attitude, independent spirit, boundless energy, gumption, and perseverance. Did we mention that her birthday is July 4?

When Anisha received a BMKF law degree scholarship in 2015, she was determined to enroll in a highly competitive program — a five-year Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Law (B.A.L.L.B.) program at Nepal Law Campus, Tribhuwan University. She passed the entrance exam, but lost her place due to the program’s quotas for indigenous students. Undaunted, she went to talk to the campus chief.

“I wanted to see if there was any other way to get admission, but he said there was no possibility as the 70 seats were already assigned. So I decided to defer my BMKF scholarship, prepare more fully for the exam, and join the next year,” Anisha says.

And that’s what happened.

BMKF scholar Anisha Gautam studies at Nepal Law Campus.

BMKF scholar Anisha Gautam studies at Nepal Law Campus.

Anisha studied, passed the entrance exam with flying colors, and secured a seat at Nepal Law Campus. Along the way, she also volunteered for the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation, tutored another BMKF scholar, and brought her impish spirit to BMKF gatherings. She loves to dance and we’ve heard she knows the lyrics to all of the current pop songs.

Anisha grew up in Kathmandu with her four sisters and a brother. She says her father has two jobs to make ends meet, but his income just covers their basic needs.

BMKF scholar Anisha Gautam takes a photo at her sister's wedding.

BMKF scholar Anisha Gautam takes a photo at her sister’s wedding.

“My family always supported me to move forward and my teachers, friends, and other elders guided and inspired me to follow the path to success. It was hard because my family was poor. But at the same time I was blessed as Little Sister Fund gave me an opportunity to study by providing a scholarship up to grade 12. Their love and support made a difference.”

Anisha is interested in politics and social work, as well as law.

“Political instability is one of the reasons Nepal is still an underdeveloped country. To raise our nation from below to above the margin, we young people should take initiative and help enhance the position of our country — instead of blaming others. I’m keenly interested in working for the human rights of vulnerable people, including marginalized groups. I would like to work with NGOs and INGOs to bring about positive change in the lives of people and my country.”

BMKF scholar Anisha Gautam loves hanging out in trees.

When you visit Kathmandu, look for Anisha in a tree!