January 18, 2022

Namaste Children’s Fund Update

A warm winter season hello to our Namaste Children’s Fund (NCF) and Bo M. Karlsson Foundation (BMKF) communities. We are excited to report on our progress in 2021 and our plans for the New Year. NCF students are transitioning to post high school education and it was serendipitous that after nearly two decades of empowering underprivileged women in Nepal by providing trade and college scholarships to higher education, the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation is closing and merging their assets with NCF. We are honored to have this incredible opportunity and look forward to connecting with the 54 BMKF women scholars and graduates in Nepal, learning from their experiences and continuing to pass on the legacy of access to education for girls and women from underprivileged areas of Nepal.

Bo M. Karlsson Foundation Scholars meeting with Namaste Children's Fund's High School Students at Pharping, Nepal.
(pre-pandemic in 2017)

Navigating the complexities of teaching and caring for over 85 students in our hostels and schools while managing the second Covid-19 pandemic wave made 2021 a uniquely challenging year. NCF had increased expenses due to keeping our hostels and school operational year-round. However, thanks to you and your generous support, we were also able to boost access to technology where possible to aid with education and also remained focused on the health and wellbeing of our students. We are so proud of our students and staff team for the resilience they have shown through the pandemic, adjusting to online learning and managing the isolation from the many lock-downs in Nepal. Our students at the Simikot Hostel in the Himalayas have continued to learn in person while NCF's older students in Pharping and Kathmandu have largely relied on computers for remote learning. We are so grateful for our committed and resilient staff in Nepal who have taken such amazing care of our students while travel to the country has continued to be restricted.

NCF's College and High School students celebrate the Dashain Festival with red tikas blessings on their foreheads.

Class photos for Simikot Hostel's Grades 1 - 6 students. Our capacity at the Simikot hostel is about 50 students
and our staff worked diligently to keep our students safe and healthy throughout the pandemic.

As we look towards 2022, our key priorities are 1) continue to focus on good health of our students, 2) maximizing access to the best education that is available to us and 3) integrating the BMKF scholars and graduates into our programs. We plan to develop a Big Sister mentoring program and provide more support for our high school graduates who are now entering colleges and universities.

Your continued support and positive energy help us navigate the opportunities and challenges ahead. Our students are happy and doing well, the NCF staff in Nepal are dedicated and we have much to be proud of as next year we will support and educate 100 girls in our program. It’s a long way from the first 2 students in 2008!

Our deepest thanks for your generosity and best wishes for a safe and peaceful holiday for you and your loved ones.


Phil Crean & Cora Edmonds, NCF Co-Founders

Every gift will make a positive impact in the lives of each NCF student and their families. Our deepest gratitude for your extraordinary kindness and action when our world needs it the most.

January 1, 2022

Next Chapter

Happy 17th Anniversary

August 22, 2020


Covid-19 has impacted our entire planet. The work we do at the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation has not been immune to the repercussions of this global pandemic. Many of our scholars work in Health Care, putting their lives on the line every day in caring for patients. Others are Educators and Social Workers, facing challenges in the community. And others still have family or friends who are at a higher risk of complications if they contract the virus.

Research by the UN also tells us that the pandemic is having a disproportionate impact on women, forcing women to take on extreme burdens of housework, childcare, and caregiving. Some women are being forced to make a difficult decision between their families and their careers, or to put their schooling on hold until their financial situation stabilizes. Which is to say, women need support now more than ever.

As an organization that exists in order to ensure the women of Nepal are given an opportunity to get an education, the Bo M Karlsson Foundation believes in science and data. We listen to the experts, men and women who have had years of training and experience dealing with pandemics and viruses and are working diligently to make the right recommendations against this new and evolving threat. Covid-19 is real and we are in the midst of a public health crisis. It is imperative we remember that peoples’ lives depend on all of us doing the right things as we face almost 800,000 deaths worldwide.

We at BMKF plan to do everything we can to return to regular operations as soon as the crisis recedes. Until then, we want to thank our scholars and alumnae who are on the front lines, whether in the hospitals, communities, or homes. We support you; we see you and we appreciate you. And to all of our volunteers and supporters, we thank you for your ongoing support for BMKF. We hope each and every one of you, and all your loved ones, stay safe and connected through this difficult moment of history. We are all in this together.

January 15, 2020

Announcing NEW International Artists for BMKF!

The Bo M. Karlsson Foundation is thrilled to announce a new project that partners with artists from around the world to help to raise funds for our scholarships, while showcasing the beauty and character of Nepal!

Read the full story on: January 2020 Newsletter - Announcing NEW International Artists for BMKF!

International Artists

November 28, 2018

2018 Mass Media and Journalism Scholarship Award

Ms. Jenuka Dhodari has been awarded the 2018 Mass Media and Journalism scholarship. Congratulations, Jenuka!

We are currently raising funds to cover all four years of her studies. Fundraiser ends at midnight on December 31st, Pacific Time. We believe it's essential to promote women's voices in the media. If you agree, please make a gift! Thank you for considering us. Namaste.

May 8, 2018

Determined to Elevate Women’s Voices in Nepal: a New BMKF Scholarship for Mass Communication and Journalism.

Sarita Tamang, Journalism 2011
Photo Credit: Scott Squire

In 2018, the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation will be offering a designated scholarship for a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism (BA MCJ).

We believe it’s essential to promote women’s voices in the media, and this scholarship is the first step in providing Nepalese women the skills and confidence to have their voices heard in an increasingly impactful and widespread way.

Thanks to digital technology, media is a fast growing industry in Nepal. With a number of private publication houses, TV channels, websites, and radio stations, the scope of job opportunities is wide: ranging from content writer, blogger, and journalist, to newspaper editor and administrator, to program hosts and professional anchors for the media and events. Digital technology also allows news stories to reach much larger audiences. This is particularly important because the stories we share in the media have the power to shape local, national, and global policies, opinions, and perspectives — to influence everything from fashion, trends, and memes, to education, politics, and gender power dynamics. Empowering a Nepalese woman to enter this profession adds a much needed woman’s voice to the local and national discourse.

Historically, many BMKF scholars have pursued degrees in nursing, business, teaching, and social work. Recently, we’ve seen more diversity in the fields candidates wish to pursue, including STEM and law. In the 14 years BMKF has been awarding scholarships, only one scholar has pursued a journalism degree. We see this new scholarship as an opportunity to help a Nepalese woman to develop her voice, confidence, skills, and platform to make an impact.

For more information about the scholarship and application process visit http://bomkarlsson.com/scholarships/application/ or contact info@bomkarlsson.org.