Volunteer in Nepal

Bo M. Karlsson Foundation is proud to partner with Nepal Mandala Travels in offering the perfect option for people in search of an authentic cultural experience. Volunteering in the areas of Computer Science and English with the BMKF scholars and designing your own adventure trek is an opportunity to experience Nepal in a more enriching way. It allows volunteers to spend time both helping local young women achieve their potential, learn from Nepali people of their homes and culture and be able to exchange information about their own culture as well.

It is the pleasure of BMKF to provide its volunteers the opportunity to connect with a responsible travel program designed to meet both your budget and personal interests. During your volunteer stay you can personalize your trip to explore different parts of the country from scenic rural villages, national parks, or the historic ancient birthplace of Buddha.

Nepal certainly has a lot to offer: majestic mountains, historical temples, lively festivals and a diverse set of multi-cultural people. This makes it one of the most spiritual and uplifting places to travel. At the same time, it is also a prime destination for adventure lovers. Whether it is paragliding along Annapurna mountain range, trekking along one of the world’s tallest mountains, rafting down the Himalayan rivers, tracking tigers in their natural habitat, or bungee jumping off one of the tallest river bridges – Nepal is the prime destination for thrill seekers and wildlife lovers from all over the world.

Volunteers will be picked up from airport and receive an orientation in Kathmandu which will be both an amazing exploration of the historic city and an eye opening look on modern daily life in Nepal. Nepalese culture is characterized by its generosity and openness and you will feel at home as part of the family in your home stay. Home stay and cultural exchange programs are great opportunities to experience and learn another way of life. Imagine walking through a city with no street names!

Are you ready to volunteer in Nepal? Contact us for more information! info@bomkarlsson.org

Volunteer in USA

In an effort to devote as much funding as possible to our amazing scholars, Bo M. Karlsson Foundation relies on the generosity of our volunteers. Like with many organizations of our size, we are always looking for passionate volunteers along a wide spectrum of experience and abilities. Whether you have professional skills, such as lawyers or accountants, or you want to make our auction galas as classy as our donors deserve, your support is invaluable to our mission to support the young women of Nepal.

Perhaps you are a professional fundraiser or have experience in serving on boards and committees?

We are currently looking for a few talented and conscientious volunteer board members to lead and strengthen our mission. If you can contribute your time, talent, and leadership, and are interested in exploring this opportunity, contact Sonnia at info@bomkarlsson.org to find out whether this volunteer opportunity is right for you. We’re especially looking for individuals with fundraising background, database experience, social media pizzazz… and a passion for women’s empowerment! Come join us!

If you have an idea about how you can help, or want more information, we can’t wait to hear from you!