An Invitation to Partner with the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation

Become a partner of the BMKF. Work with us to empower women in Nepal. Special partnerships with like-minded organizations and companies play a vital role in our program.

Corporate partnerships in the form of sponsorship money, volunteer hours, and donated products make a significant difference to the profitability of our fundraising events, occurring throughout the year. Your business can be confident that your sponsorship directly supports higher education for women in Nepal.

We eagerly welcome other non-profits doing work in Nepal and/or on the topic of women’s access to education to collaborate with us as well. Areas of collaboration may include, but are not limited to, co-fundraising events for non-profits with similar missions, resource sharing among non-profits serving the same or similar demographics, and scholarship recipient referrals from non-profits working with young Nepali women.

Please contact Sonnia Karlsson, Executive Director, for more information on partnering with the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation.

Ellen Moos – Founder/CEO, Silver Fox Productions

Suren Shrestha – Owner, Rain City Burgers

Sujan Shrestha – CEO The Himalayan Corporation