August 18, 2011

What Can $500 Buy Nowadays?

Jackie Garces
Former BMKF Board Secretary

Last weekend I attended the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation’s Mahilaa Night and “spent” a little over $500! What on earth did I spend it on you may ask. I’ll get to that in a minute. Let me first tell you a little about the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation. It’s an organization whose sole mission is to provide funding to young women in Nepal seeking higher education. Plain and simple. Part of their mission statement reads “As we support women in their educational pursuits, our desire is that this also helps them build character and strength, making them self-reliant, confident, and productive citizens in their own country.” Yes! That’s exactly what Bo & Sonnia Karlsson imparted onto their children and what my dad imparted on me!

Okay, you now probably have an idea on what I spent $500 on. Mahilaa (Women’s) Night is the Foundation’s annual fundraising event. Seattleites are fond of silent and live auctions and this event was no different but have you been to one of these events with a bunch of your friends, dining on Nepali food, complete with a traditional Nepali dance performance? The house was rockin’ and all for the young women scholars who will continue with their studies this year or who will be awarded a scholarship to pursue their dream! So needless to say, although I wasn’t expecting to, I spent $500 on a young woman. Plain and simple. To put things into perspective, this amount can fund the yearly tuition and expenses for a woman seeking an education or journalism degree in Nepal! So, I feel like it is money well spent!

So what did I go home with, after all it was an event with an auction, right? Okay, I did get a kimono (been wanting one forever, I think!) and a private reading/signing by author, Caryl Sherpa, whose book entitled “I taste fire, earth, rain” I am thoroughly engrossed in right now! Her book brings back memories of my first trip to Nepal in 2001, where I fell in love with the landscape, the people, the culture, the spirituality and where the bonds of love and friendship were deepened immensely.

The event was truly amazing. Although financial times are still hard, many people in attendance were willing to open their pocketbooks, which made for a successful night, if you ask me! No matter how big or small the donation, every bit counts and is appreciated. And if you missed this event, but are itching to get out there and socialize while helping disabled children in Nepal, the annual event for The Rose International Fund for Children is coming up.
Thanks so much everyone!!!!!!