March 18, 2014

Namaste from Nepal! Now midway through March and our one-month trip to Nepal, Sonnia and I have had a group meeting with nearly all of our current scholarship recipients. We are continuing to meet students and alumnae one-on-one and in small groups to learn as much as we can about these young women and their personal circumstances. In our free time, we dash hither and thither to meet with other NGO organizers and help problem solve with BMKF’s fabulous volunteer Nepal Country Director, Daya Rimal, and the Mahilaa Sikshya Nidi board (BMKF’s Nepali sister organization). BMKF Tenth Anniversar... read more >>

October 10, 2013

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February 1, 2013

The Bo M. Karlsson Foundation is a beautiful example of how individuals are inspired to support the dreams of others they may not only have never met but that live in parts of the world they may have never been to.  They are drawn to connect through a simple human compassion that transcends geographic boundaries.  The feeling is perhaps not dissimilar to the way people are moved to emotion in response to art from cultures that are totally foreign to them.  The fostering of this appreciation is one of the values that connect the Friends of Asian Art Association and the Bo M. Karlsson Foundat... read more >>

November 30, 2012

Each year in Nepal, the Hindu holiday of Diwali, also known as Tihar, is celebrated over five days. Tihar is also known as the celebration of lights, and for one night, the entire city of Kathmandu lights up in festivity with thousands of strings of lights and candles allowing the city to glow. Lorrie and I landed in Kathmandu just in time to savor this festive occasion. I should right away extend a huge thank you to Lorrie McKay, BMKF donor and volunteer photographer for this trip to Nepal. For her effort in capturing so many incredible moments and candid shots of all the wonderful people we... read more >>

August 18, 2011

Last weekend I attended the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation's Mahilaa Night and "spent" a little over $500! What on earth did I spend it on you may ask. I'll get to that in a minute. Let me first tell you a little about the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation. It's an organization whose sole mission is to provide funding to young women in Nepal seeking higher education. Plain and simple. Part of their mission statement reads "As we support women in their educational pursuits, our desire is that this also helps them build character and strength, making them self-reliant, confident, and productive citizens in t... read more >>

August 15, 2011

I loved Mahilaa Night as it was an inspiring way to be together with a group of like-minded, fun and nice people who wanted to do something about educating women in Nepal. I love these kind of events as they are a wonderful way to hang out with old friends, make new friends, have good laughs, smile, share stories, get inspired, and watch moving presentations, dancing, look at amazing art and lush carpets and tapestries, hear gifted speakers, eat yummy food, and do something for a good cause. I love Nepal and the Himalaya and her people and environment, and I can't think of any better way to so... read more >>

August 13, 2011

This year’s Bo M. Karlsson Fundraising Event was nothing less than an enchanting and inspiring experience. Arriving on a warm summer evening, prayer flags fluttered over the threshold of the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center to mark the transition from normal every day to something much more magical. Embroidered and bejeweled saris glittered in the light as they floated down the hallway towards the registration desk. Beyond, music and bubbling chatter welcomed guests to a room filled with donated treasure. During the four hours that followed, kindness, generosity, human compassion, excitement,... read more >>

May 1, 2011

Although I am Nepali I am very few of the things that come immediately to mind when most people hear "Nepal." I have had the privilege of growing up globally with sprinklings of holidays in Nepal cocooned within family visits. As I settled into adult life in the US I began to search for a group that would help me contribute not only to the country I left behind but to connect with the large disadvantaged populations of Nepal that are in many ways quite foreign to me. As soon as I heard about the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation, I knew their mission was the one I had been searching for. While I had p... read more >>

March 15, 2011

Before leaving for Nepal, I carefully studied the biographies of the scholarship recipients in the BMKF newsletters. I wanted to get a sense of who these girls were before I interviewed them on camera. On paper their pictures and stories are inspirational, but in person… these young women are power houses! I mean, they SPARK. BIG TIME! Eight of the eleven current recipients, as well as Bindu, the foundation’s first graduate, all convened at a Kathmandu college early on a Saturday morning for the big shoot. This was an incredible turn out considering how difficult it is to travel in the cou... read more >>

March 1, 2011

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March 20, 2010

I'm writing from Kathmandu in between power shortages and internet interruptions. On this my fourth visit to Nepal, my feelings alternate between awe at the natural beauty of the rural countryside, gratitude to the old and new friends who have welcomed me, and sadness and trepidation over the poverty and hardship I have witnessed. Each time I come here, no matter how prepared I think I am the poverty, chaos and pollution of Kathmandu stuns me. The beauty of rural Nepal is incomparable but even there the poverty is painfully palpable, albeit softened by Nature’s beauty. When we think of Nepal... read more >>

April 30, 2009

While I was in Nepal this past December and January, I took a domestic flight on Buddha Air to the city of Nepalgunj to visit one of our scholarship recipients; Sharada KC. Nepalgunj is a city in the southwestern part of the Terai (the flat, moist, food-growing region of Nepal). While it seems like everyone from the hills has moved to Kathmandu in the past 20 years, there has been a large migration to the Terai as well. The main East-West Highway, well the only one in the nation, runs from either end of the Terai. Since much of the food is grown in this region (or coming south from India), it'... read more >>