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January 2017
We are happy to announce our 17 scholarship recipients!

Current Scholars

Business Studies
Manisha Shah'17
Chadani Shrestha '19
Shanta Bhat '19

Geomatics Engineering
Susmina Manandhar '20

Lhamu Sherpa '19

Binita Davkota '21
Saniya Giri '21
Nimiska Pandey '20
Anisha Gautam '21

Pooja Yadev '19
Tshering Sherpa '19
Mandira Upadhyaya '17
Rebika Bandari '17
Prabha Bohara '18
Jangmu Sherpa '19

Public Health
Saraswoti Adhikari '17

Social Work
Samjhana Thapa '19

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Thank you to Nikita and Sandeep Sakya of Nepal Mandala Travels for hosting our 2017 BMKF scholar interviews!

Counting Our Blessings

6 new scholars, 3 graduates, 1 new office in Nepal

The Bo M. Karlsson Foundation is counting its blessings. And what's the first blessing? YOU!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our end of year fundraiser. The Jyamu, Lhamu and YOU campaign raised $8,500 for two Sherpa students. That's enough to pay for two years of undergrad study each for BMKF scholars Jangmu Sherpa (B.S.N.) and Lhamu Sherpa (B.Ed.). As we start 2017 and a new academic year in Nepal, we continue to count our  blessings, including six new BMKF scholars, three recent graduates, 11 continuing scholars, and a beautiful PINK office in Kathmandu.

Read on to learn more!

BMKF scholars wish you a Happy New Year in 2017 BMKF scholars wish everyone a Happy New Year in 2017!

Khatas for incoming, graduating BMKF scholars

The BMKF Scholarship Program officially welcomed six new scholars and honored three new graduates during a celebration at our new office in Kathmandu earlier this month. The incoming and graduating were recognize with khata scarves and congratulations.

Incoming and graduating BMKF scholars, January 2017 Incoming and graduating BMKF scholars

The winners of our 2016 BMKF scholarship awards are Binita Devkota (law), Saniya Giri (law), Samjhana Thapa (social work), Tshering Doma Sherpa ( nursing), Pooja Yadev (nursing) and Susmina Manandhar (geomatics engineering). They will join eleven other continuing BMKF scholars in the pursuit of higher education.

Kudos go to Indreni Waiba, Lali Kumari, and Babita Sharma. Happy graduation! You did it! And great big thank you from the bottom of our hearts to sponsors Jen Smeby and Sandy Lewis (Lali and Indreni) and Darren and Marisa Schoen (Babita).

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What’s next for BMKF's new grads?

Babita Sharma '16 (civil engineering)Babita Sharma (B.S. Civil Engineering) is currently doing an internship with the National Reconstruction Authority, instructing people on construction standards for building earthquake resistant houses in rural and urban areas and says, "I am also interested in roads, so after I finish my internship I’ll try to do something in that sector.”

Indreni Waiba '16 (B.Ed.) plans to teach at Shree Mankul School for Children, where she has been volunteering. The school is SKY Memorial Foundation project in Makawanpur District.

Lali Kumari (B.S. in Nursing) is working at Hamro Sahayatri Hospital and Birthing Centre in Jadibuti, Kathmandu. Those babies are in good hands! Prior to starting her bachelor degree, Lali already had delivered more than 400 babies in her remote district in Pyuthan! She recently joined our Nepal board and will mentor new BMKF nurses.

Things are shaking in Kathmandu (in a good way)

Our Nepal team continues to grow! Bimala Manadhar accepted the role of board chairperson and Om Prakash Singh will serve as vice chairperson. Neema Sherpa ’14 is secretary. Sabita Ghisingh ’14 continues to serve as treasurer. Other members include Poonam Karki, Sarita Sharma ’14, and Lali K. Sunuwar ’16. We're super excited to have two more BMKF scholars come on board (pun intended) to help guide our scholarship program.

Did we mention that we have a new office in Kathmandu?

Rama Poudel ’15, our accountant, will manage the office. She and program manager Sabita Ghisingh ’14 are working to plan a calendar of activities for BMKF scholars. They intend to make the most of our new space and say that visitors are welcome.

BMKF's Nepal program manager Sabita Ghising '14“In addition to having regular office hours, we're going to offer special workshops and extra support, including tutoring if needed. We want to make sure that all BMKF scholars can succeed," Sabita says.

"Everyone has different needs. Those from remote districts don't have the same education or opportunities that students in the Kathmandu Valley get. Some students need help with computer or English skills. Other BMKF scholars can help them. Rama and I have planned workshops on public speaking, women’s health, resume writing, and more, as well as BMKF meetings and social events. Alumni are welcome too. We're building a network of support."

An Office Party to Remember

Be sure to check out our serious and silly photos from the BMKF 2017 Office Party.

P.S. Great socks Babita!

Lhamu Sherpa, Prabha Bohara, Lali Kumari, and Babita Sherpa share a giggle at the BMKF Office Party 2017 Lhamu, Prabha, Lali, and Babita share a giggle.