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March 2021

The Bo M. Karlsson Foundation is celebrating 17 years and three new graduates!

17 Years!

Happy 17th Anniversary

17 years! Who could have imagined that what started as an act of love to help one young Nepalese woman would impact over 53 more? These scholars, our stars, are graduates and students, working to create change for themselves and for their communities. And this year, we also celebrate three new graduates: Nimiska Pandey (Law), Susmina Manandhar (Geomatics Engineering) and Saniya Giri (Law). Their perseverance and determination, especially in light of the pandemic, is a shining example to us all.

Our founder, Sonnia Karlsson sums it up best when she says, “The Bo M. Karlsson Foundation came into existence out of deep sorrow but also great love. I like to believe that bits of my beloved goes on living in each and all of the fantastic young women we have been able to support through 17 years. They are already changing the world for the better, and THAT is his legacy.”

Happy 17th Anniversary to the Bo M Karlsson Foundation!