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July 2016
Current Scholars

Business Studies
Manisha Sah '17
Chadani Shrestha '19
Shanta Bhat '19

Civil Engineering
Babita Sharma '16

Lhamu Sherpa '19

Nimiska Pandey '20
Anisha Gautam '21

Lali Kumari Sunawar '16
Mandira Upadhyaya '17
Rebika Bandari '17
Prabha Bohara '18
Jangmu Sherpa '19

Public Health
Saraswoti Adhikari '17

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Thank you to Nikita and Sandeep Sakya of Nepal Mandala Travels for hosting the 2015-2016 BMKF scholar interviews!

Jangmu Lhamu and YOU

We need to raise $10,000 by the end of the year, to provide bachelor degree scholarships for two young women in Nepal.

This special fundraiser will support two BMKF scholars from the Sherpa community, an ethnic group from the most mountainous region of Nepal, high in the Himalayas. Jangmu and Lhamu are not sisters, but share the same "Sherpa" surname. They are working hard to get an education. While their personal stories and career goals are very different, both young women are determined to change their lives and make a difference. They've proven themselves, time and again.

Now they need our support.

Help us make their dreams come true..

Raised : $2,250.00
Goal : $10,000.00

When you make a gift to BMKF, you become part of their story. SHARE THE STORY...

Jangmu Sherpa

BMKF scholar Jangmu Sherpa will be starting her second year of nursing. Without our support, Jangmu will not be able to earn her degree.

"My father works as a trekking guide. His job is seasonal and earns just enough to support my family's basic daily expenses. Our educational expenses were always a challenge, because of which my sister couldn't continue her further study. She is already married now, and unfortunately I found myself in the same state as her."

Lhamu Sherpa

BMKF scholar Lhamu Sherpa is about to start the second year of teaching degree. She needs our support to continue her education.

"In spring 2015, the earthquake broke our houses and made our hearts fall apart. My family decided they couldn't live there any more, so they came to Kathmandu... My father said I needed to go to a foreign country. Fortunately, I was selected for a BMKF scholarship."

The Bo M. Karlsson Foundation (BMKF) empowers underprivileged women in Nepal to pursue higher education. We award bachelor’s degree and trade certificate scholarships to promising young women with great financial need. These women have faced enormous challenges to education -- including discrimination because of gender, caste, ethnicity, or disability, civil war; domestic violence, human trafficking, and child marriage.

In Nepal, approximately 3% of women finish high school and go on to college—nearly half are married by age 16. Last year, two devastating earthquakes destroyed many lives, homes, and livelihoods. Equally worrying is a growing trend of sending young women to work in foreign countries, putting them at even greater risk.