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November 2017
Tiny Saniya, Mighty Advocate!
We are working to raise funds for Saniya Giri's scholarship.
Campaign ends at midnight PST December 31st, 2017
Goal: $10,000 covers all five years of law school

Current Scholars

Business Studies
Chadani Shrestha '19
Shanta Bhat '19

Geomatics Engineering
Susmina Manandhar '20

Lhamu Sherpa '19

Binita Davkota '21
Saniya Giri '21
Nimiska Pandey '20
Anisha Gautam '21

Pooja Yadev '19
Tshering Sherpa '19
Jangmu Sherpa '19

Social Work
Samjhana Thapa '19

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Thank you to Nikita and Sandeep Sakya of Nepal Mandala Travels for hosting our 2017 BMKF scholar interviews!

Help Saniya Get Her Law Degree

We're working to raise $10,000 for Saniya Giri's scholarship. Can you help?

Saniya's nickname is “Tundu,” which means “tiny.” But we think she’s mighty! She’s already making a HUGE difference for other girls and women in Nepal, as a trainer and spokesperson for menstrual health and reproductive rights.

Saniya is one of 12 current BMKF scholars, but she doesn’t have a sponsor. We need to raise $10,000 for a scholarship to support her rigorous law school education.

By supporting Saniya's education we can strengthen her impact — as a legal professional.

$10,674 raised toward our $10,000 goal. Please make a gift!  
BMKF scholar Saniya Giri is pursuing a law degree. BMKF scholar Saniya Giri is pursuing a law degree. Photo: Ellyn Norris
Saniya Giri
Program: Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Law
Class: 2021

Financial need:

"I was raised by a single mother. Like many stories where a girl is married off too soon, she was married at age 14. My father wasn’t an earning person, and my family separated when I was born. All of the hardship fell on my mother. Recently my grandmother passed away after many years of fighting with cancer. The struggle to pay for her medical care, our home, and my education has been a burden on my mother for a long time."


“I participate in legal vocabulary, elocution, writing, and debate competitions, and International Model United Nations. I volunteer for Women LEAD, an organization that provides leadership training for girls, and recently fulfilled my tenure as a board director. I love to use my knowledge to help others. For example, I teach workshops on how to apply for scholarships and I led a public speaking workshop for my BMKF sisters. I also presented about national provisions on marital rape at Rotaract and taught self defense to staff and students at Nepal Public Health Concern Trust.”

Saniya orange kurta WLEAD
Photo By: Prajesh Rana


“Women’s sexual health and reproductive rights! As an intern for Putali Nepal, I teach adolescents about menstrual hygiene and Ruby Cups. We use“Menstrupedia,” a comic, to explain puberty and periods. This is an issue in Nepal. There’s a lot of stigma, so we’re working to end that. I organized a team, Empowering Young Minds, and we taught sexual and reproductive health sessions at eight schools in eight districts of the country. We won the Sujata Baskota Change Maker grant, an award in memory of a beloved friend. Sujata taught me to do much in the time that we have and to love what we do.”

New experience:

“I won a Nepal Traveler grant for women’s solo travel, through WLEAD. In October, I spent 19 days exploring Mid-Western Nepal by myself. It was a beautiful journey.”

Favorite class:

“International Relations and Jurisprudence. Nepal has many laws and provisions, but no proper implementation policies. This saddens me, but I also see it as an opportunity, where I and other BMKF law scholars may be able to make a difference in the future.”

Career plan:

“I’m still collecting information and exploring options. I know I will use my law degree to advocate for and counsel others. I’m passionate about promoting sexual and reproductive rights for women. I’m also interested in youth education and want to share my increased knowledge with both girls and boys. To develop a country, men and women have to contribute equally and learn to solve problems in a legal way.”

Anisha Nimiska and Saniya by Kristen GIles Nepal
Photo By: Kristen Giles

About the BMKF Scholarship Program

Since 2004, the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation has awarded 53 higher education scholarships to underprivileged women in Nepal so that they may become confident, self-reliant, productive citizens in their communities and country. BMKF scholars are pursuing careers in business, education, engineering, journalism, nursing, medicine, social work, and law. Many rank among the first women in their fields in Nepal.

We know that Saniya Giri will achieve great things. Will you join our campaign to fund her law school education? Together, we can help “Tiny Saniya” change the world!

With love and gratitude,
Sonnia J. Karlsson and the Board of Directors
Bo M. Karlsson Foundation